Sararsha Glover

Sararsha GloverSocial Activist and Founder of Mommies without Mommies, Inc.

Sararsha Glover is the Founder and President of Mommies without Mommies, Inc. As a motherless mother herself, she felt alone in her circumstance and needed someone who understood what she was going through. After ending her search with no results, Sararsha started Mommies without Mommies as an online group in 2007. In 2014, Mommies without Mommies was officially incorporated.

Prior to launching Mommies without Mommies, Sararsha spent over 10 years in the supply chain industry in manufacturing and international shipping. She always dreamed of being a teacher but during her classroom observations she realized she wanted more for the students than they wanted for themselves. Through Mommies without Mommies, Sararsha’s able to live her dream by teaching teenage mothers in group homes how to first take care of themselves so they can be better mothers for their children in spite of their circumstances.

Sararsha lives in a suburb of Atlanta, GA with her domestic partner and their two sons.