Soul Sofa

Soul Sofa:
Game Changing Conversations
with Extraordinary People

10 social activists, entrepreneurs, and artists share the keys to becoming transformative game changers.

August 24 – September 4, 2015




It’s a telesummit!

August 24 - Sept 4

Two weeks!

10 speakers

Extraordinary people!

All welcome

No limit on registrations!

Akua SoadwaHave you ever had a dream or a desire for something, but because of conversations you’ve had with yourself, or with others, you became discouraged, or started to question the possibility of it?

Or have you ever taken action in an area of your life that is beyond important to you, but you aren’t getting the results that you want?

No need to stay stuck and in a funk.

I got you covered boo!

Sometimes you just have to have the right mix of conversation + action. Lucky for you, I got all of that for you!

The Soul Sofa Telesummit will highlight 10 individuals who will share about the conversations they had and the actions they took that changed the game for them. We are gonna go “all the way in” – no sugar coating – so you can get the real deal about what it takes to create a life you love – whether in business, social activism or in the arts.

Meet the Host

Akua Soadwa at Sista-2-Sista Summit

Akua Soadwa

Action Coach, Dream Director and Social Activist


Akua is the founder of Let’s Pursue You, a personal growth and development company. She supports people with getting unstuck in areas of their lives that they haven’t gotten the results that they want, utilizing game-changing techniques grounded in self-love and action. Akua is also the founder of of the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project, a Brooklyn-based non-profit known for its annual Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit; a Dream Director with the Future Project; the Assistant Camp Director for the Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp; a proud auntie of four nieces and one nephew; and a lover of healthy and clean foods!

Akua is a visionary who creates movements, moments and monumental shifts within individuals, families and communities. She is committed to unraveling the beliefs that hinder people from maximizing their full potential, ascribing to the belief that “we are just one conversation and one action away from having everything we want”.

Meet the Speakers

Elle Simone, Culinary Artist and Social Entrepreneur

Elle Simone
Culinary Artist and Social Entrepreneur
Founder of SheChef

Chris Kazi Rolle
Relationship Coach

Madam Kateri
Designer | Entrepreneur | Social Club Manager
Hailstone Jewelry Collection

Maryse Karunaratne

Maryse Karunaratne
Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Karuna Love Yoga

Nana Kwabena, Music Producer and Social Entrepreneur

Nana Kwabena
Music Producer and Social Entrepreneur

Queen GodIs, Poet, MC & Performance Art Therapist

Queen GodIs
Poet, MC & Performance Art Therapist
Queen GodIs University Booking

Renae Bluitt, Creator, inhershoesblog.com + Founder, Crush Media (beauty PR consultancy)

Renae Bluitt
Creator, inhershoesblog.com + Founder, Crush Media (beauty PR consultancy)

Sararsha Glover

Sararsha Glover
Social Activist and Founder of Mommies without Mommies, Inc.

Syreeta Gates, Culture Creator

Syreeta Gates
Culture Creator

Toni Blackman, First US Hip-Hop Ambassador, World’s Leading Authority on Cyphers, and Performer

Toni Blackman
First US Hip-Hop Ambassador, World’s Leading Authority on Cyphers, and Performer


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What to Expect

These 10 individuals will also share about:

  • The type of purging one has to do to really create the life s/he says they want;
  • How loss can bring you perspective, clarity and purpose;
  • How hip hop has created a landscape for healing and hope;
  • Hip Hop History as it pertains to women who have served as pioneers of the culture;
  • The importance of team when you want to build a movement with teeth and that stands the test of time;
  • The 5 most essential tools to being an effective mentor;
  • How to be prepared for ANY speaking opportunity;
  • Life changing techniques to support you on your wellness journey;
  • The 4 things that get in the way of long-lasting relationships;
  • The power and impact of music on your mind and therefore your actions and inactions;
  • and

Participate in the 10-day telesummit!

Here’s a breakdown of what you get:

  • 10 one-hour interviews with extraordinary entrepreneurs, social activists and artists
  • Honest insights about the “real” valleys/challenges that come before the peaks
  • Answers to questions you’ve been dying to ask, along with my dope, straight talk no chaser, coaching throughout each conversation
  • Call to action relative to each topic that will have you taking action immediately, allowing you to implement the skills you’ve just learned
  • Download 1 conversation per day—enjoy access forever!



Thank You

Thank you for considering participating in this telesummit. I guarantee you that you will get FED some amazing food for your soul.

Spread the word and I will see you soon!